One Sails 2015

2015_OneSail After one day training our first regatta this year. This year we have changed crew members in that way that we have pool of people (participants from last year’s regatta courses @North Adriatic Sailing Academy) and everyone choose which regatta do they sail through the year. We have also changed role on boat so most if not all of the crew members change their role in regards to last year. In this way we will learn much more (also faster) and all crew members would know and understand colleague’s work. 2015 one sail concentrating before stzartThe regatta had lasted two days. The first day two navigational races Izola - Portoroz (Seca) - Izola, Izola - Koper - Izola and one technical race in front of Izola. Although the morning looked like there will be no wind only rain, day turned into excellent sailing day, gusts even over 20 knots. Organizer successfully carry out all three races. We’ve sailed well, first time with the spinnaker in the wind of around 15-20 knots with full control no issues 🙂 Program for second day was three technical races, yeeaaa… Another great sailing day with lots of adrenalin, competition, sail changing and much more… At the end we have finished on 8th place (owerall) which is great in relation to the initially written changes in crew members and duration of training. But objectives for the season are pointing higher so we must practice, practice, practice… 2015_OneSailResults               More results details here... Overall congratulation to organizer JK-Skipper-Maribor for great sailing weekend, atmosphere, and lot of sailing by miles and by time. Well winds! JK_NASA_logo_small

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